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The synchronizing of physical movement with your breath in Hatha Yoga is called Vinyasa. This technique allows you to create a deeper absorption of awareness through a rhythmic moving meditation while practicing yoga. Vinyasa means “to place (nyasa) in a special way (vi)” and is a term also found in classical Indian arts such as music and dance.

This series encompasses the practice of mantra, mudra, asana, pranayama, and meditation. These dynamic vinyasa sequences will increase your vitality, flexibility, and strength both in your physical body and your spirit. Each class includes savasana (8-10 minutes of guided relaxation) at the end, which is a necessary part of the practice to integrate all the prana – life force energy.

The practice is designed for intermediate-level practitioners, however, beginner-level practitioners are most welcome to join the practice and modify the postures accordingly.



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