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  1. Ganapati Om



2. Jai Jai Devi Ma



3. Krishna Govinda Govinda Gopala



4. Sita Ram



5. Om Namah Shivay


6. Parameshwari Anandamayi


7. Krishna Govinda Govinda Gopala (bonus track with Shyan Kishore)




Hi everyone,
I am really excited and happy to share the new album “Beloved” after a long time of meditative creation process!

The recording of the album began in Mayapur, India in the beginning of 2022.
And friends from Japan, Canada, Europe and Thailand so talentedly weaved their instrumental magic into each tracks to enrich the sound from the heart.
It’s been a journey of both outer and inner experience to create this album and I am very grateful 🙂
The album is mixed and mastered with a great care by a brother from my Koh Phangan home.

Made with full of love, we hope you enjoy the album!
May it inspire you to chant holy names, live with open heart and the connection with the Supreme <3

1. Hare Krishna


2. Radhe Radhe Govinda


3. Green Tara Mantra


4. Medicine Maha Mantra


5. Sita Ram – Hare Ram




7. All I Ask of You – Ishq Allah Ma’bud Lillah


Akari Tamura – Vocal, Chorus, Guitar, Percussion, Piano
Shyan Kishore – Bansuri
Gina Burgess – Violin
Alice Rose – Viola
Rob Irving – Bass
Radha Madhava Das – Vocal, Mridanga
MaPa Studio (Madhu @madhu_mapa & Padmarani @padmaranimusic) – Recording
Mix & Mastering – Alex Bustamante
Olivia Pino – Photo


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