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released February 4, 2019

This album is a collection of Mantra Songs from Ecstatic Kirtan + my favorite Spirit Songs.
10 tracks of studio recording + 4 bonus tracks of raw & live recording.

  1. Gum Gum Ganapate Namo Namaste (11:54)
  2. Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durge (08:57)
  3. Hare Krishna Sankirtan (09:44)
  4. Sharanam – Om Namah Shivaya (09:00)
  5. Jai Bhavani Ma (07:40)
  6. Yanawana He (03:34)
  7. Agua de Estrellas (03:18)
  8. Shamuankunay Cayari (04:10)
  9. Great Compassion Mantra – Kuan Yin (08:06)
  10. Promesa del Cielo (04:07)
  11.  <BONUS TRACK> Beloved (Raw Recording) (07:20)
  12.  <BONUS TRACK> Suddhoshi Buddhoshi (Raw Recording) (06:46)
  13.  <BONUS TRACK> He Ma Durga (Live Recording) (12:31)
  14.  <BONUS TRACK> Radharani Ki Jai! (Live Recording) (14:35)


May each of these songs be a medicine for your heart and soul to open and expand.
May we remember to sing from heart through our life.
May we ground into our most heart-felt intention to fully embody the integrity at every moment.
May we all come to know to cherish the most intimate relationship within – between me and the Divine Great Spirit – and in fact, nothing else.
May your body be a temple of soul.
May your heart be radiant and free.
May your vision be clear and inspiring.
May your life be sacred.


  1. Gum Gum Ganapate Namo Namaste (11:54)


I vow to the stability and endurance within me to turn any challenges into gift of life as I walk on my most heart-felt path.
Gum – bija mantra of Ganesha
Ganapate – remover of obstacles, most often from our mind
Namo Namaste – I vow to the divine within me, and within all beings


2. Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durge (08:57)


Victory to Kali! Victory to Durga!
May we be courageous to keep our hearts open no matter what life seems to be outside.
Get into your raw energy that resides in your abdomen – will power, commitment, confidence, and courage.
Opening the heart requires strength to face the shadows.
Burn everything that doesn’t serve you anymore.
May the battle within our body temple always be a victory of gods over demon with love and compassion.


3. Hare Krishna Sankirtan (09:44)


Krishna – magnetic, attractive, loving and playful one – Great Spirit


4. Sharanam – Om Namah Shivaya (09:00)



Sharanam means “to surrender”.
Surrender to all that you are, beyond body, mind, ideas, personality, anything beyond of which you can define.
There is no constructive definition of what you truly are.
Surrender to the Pure Consciousness.
Om Namah Shivaya!


5. Jai Bhavani Ma (07:40)


Song for the Great Mother.
Giving thanks for all nourishment she provides beyond duality.


6. Yanawana He (03:34)


Invocation song for the water, earth and 4 directions.
Lyrics are in Old Mexican and Spanish.

7. Agua de Estrellas (03:18)


Prayer for water…
May the water of this magnificent Mother Earth be protected.
May the rivers within our body temples be pure and flow at ease.


8. Shamuankunay Cayari (04:10)



Song is in Quechua (Indigenous from Andean’s) and English.
A song that has really supported and empowered me in my journey in Peru.


9. Great Compassion Mantra – Kuan Yin (08:06)


Kuan Yin – who hears the cry of all beings with compassion until the peace is finally restored on the Earth.
May this powerful mantra sooth any pain and sufferings of humanity.


10. Promesa del Cielo (04:07)


May the promise of heaven be with you, and with all beings in all universe.


11. <BONUS TRACK> Beloved (Raw Recording) (07:20)


Once upon a time, I was wandering around the realm of darkness… Everything seemed to be empty, painful and meaningless, I was completely lost in life and didn’t know what to do. After a few weeks of wandering, when the shift started to occur within me towards light slowly, I began to sing one of my favorite Rumi’s poems.. Melody naturally flowed through my tongue… This original song held me so much at one of the most difficult times of my life, and without this song, probably this album didn’t come out. The song was recorded in the jungle of Koh Phangan (Sound Temple), in the late evening just myself and a recorder (and incredible nature sound around), The sound quality is raw with no editing, but here is my vulnerability and inspiration for you from the depth of my heart <3


12. <BONUS TRACK> Suddhoshi Buddhoshi (Raw Recording) (06:46)


Recorded on the same night as track #11.
Gracias Pachamama.


13. <BONUS TRACK> He Ma Durga (Live Recording) (12:31)


14. <BONUS TRACK> Radharani Ki Jai! (Live Recording) (14:35)


Live Recording from Akari’s Ecstatic Kirtan.
Thank you so much Crystal Heart Tribe of Koh Phangan for amazing co-creation of magic!


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